Residential Lighting Installation Services in San Ramon, CA


The temptation to do your own lighting installation and electrical projects can be strong, but electrical work is often complicated and even dangerous. At KR Electric, Inc., we provide skilled, knowledgeable technicians in the San Ramon, CA, area who can help you perform electrical work, including a residential lighting installation, to keep you safe and satisfied. 

Projects We Work On

At KR Electric, Inc., we work on a full range of electrical projects ranging from adding security cameras to residential lighting installation. Whether you’ve built a new house and need new wiring, or you just want an electrical upgrade, we can help you out. 



 A renovation can involve a lot of changes, from pulling out walls to adding on new rooms. Our experienced technicians can set up your new space with safe, functional lighting and wiring so you can focus on the other aspects of your renovation.


Old electrical fixtures, outdated technology, and bad wiring all need to be updated at some point, and at KR Electric, Inc., we are ready to go. Our precision, efficiency, and diligence will ensure your new light fixtures and electrical appliances fit current code requirements and last for years to come.


Services We Offer

Our residential electrical services include a number of unique jobs beyond wiring a new house or bedroom, including residential lighting. Our technicians can:

  • Install LED can lights
  • Perform electrical inspections and testing
  • Add extra light points and switches, extractor fans, and telephone points
  • Install exterior lighting, including garden, landscape, and security lighting
  • Add security cameras and alarms and fire alarms
  • Add gate automation
  • Wire hot tubs and pools
  • Add EV car chargers

No matter the size of the job or the services you want, we will deliver big corporation results with neighborly small business attention. Fill out our online form or call our office in San Ramon, CA, at (925) 487-3070 to learn how our residential electrical installation services can improve the safety and style of your home.